Fidor Market : The first open banking marketplace in Germany build on API's -  ready to go open X seamless customer experience 

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Fidor Market Ecosytem

Fidor Market was build as MVP end 2018 with the goal to create a customer experience excellence platform to forster a smooth exchange hub of  offers and services that help customers improve their financial life, in a way that Fidor can control and hold the value chain of partnerships directly, connected via API.

This open banking ecosystem brings together the best partners and products, putting the necessary tools right into customers hands. It gives them a place to compare, pick, and choose the products of their choice, all in a secure and trusted environment.

More than 600 brand partnerships realised for Fidor today demonstrate the strong interest of brands to set up its own independent digital partner sales channel in high-quality finance environments, always on the lookout for new tactics that help to

optimize the marketing funnel and keeping some independence from global players.

As customers continously demands the best experience and simple rebundling services meanwhile are very much accepted and valued in banking ecosystems, next phase of development will be a shared marketplace hub to leverage on data and collaborate with additional players to go to the next level of seamless customer experience. The journey has just begun.


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Providing opportunities to customers, based on their data

Together with Fidor banking platform, technology fOS Efficient Scale's partner management platform delivers an identity-based e-commerce model that offers tangible ways to identify needs and engage with customers - in ways that are relevant, responsible, personalized and optimized to meet both consumer needs and business objectives. By optimizing around the needs and consumption in consumers’ digital lives - the platform unleashes the power of technology for the ultimate customer convenience. learn more

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A new-era open banking experience


Customer Success Story: Fidor Market


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