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Realize your business uplift through the power of a open partner ecosystem.

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We  provide an open partner marketing platform to build individuel ecosystems of partnerships 

1st party tracking analytics

finance API SAAS

open banking PSD2

open X fintech


We are connected to hundreds of leading brands ready to monetize your existing customer reach potential 

partner automation 


partner marketing

risk free revenue


We enable to  execute your open X growth strategy or simply optimize your perfor-mance marketing funnel 

performance marketing 

SEA SEO display 




We provide you a full digital stack to manage your partner releations and help you to scale your business opportunities efficiently.

standard processes

managed services

SAAS solution


We provide trustful GDPR compliant private partner network including all business processes to manage your brand partnerships.

build for banks

build for non-banks

made in Germany 


Benefit from the growing partner marketing segment and build up your own data driven network of partners

next CRM 

identity based selling

monetize DATA

Create your own branded marketplace of opportunities

monetise your customers

Efficient Scale provides a multi-sided partner managment platform (PMP) that enables to diversify your business and delivers partnerships to create an outstanding customer experience.

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Advertiser Partnership

Uplift sales, rise brand awareness.

Get your products listed,  attract new audiences & strengthen your brand's reach easily in a trustful valuable environment. 


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Publisher Partnership

Cutting edge brand partner.

Connect to high-quality brand partner products to monetize your customer reach potential best. 



Private Partner Network

Scale your business and grow.

Create your own branded marketplace by collabo-rating with product partner based on APIs and reay for open X. 



Celent customer award

winner concept "marketplace banking"

Efficient Scale with its challenger bank customer case Fidor has been awarded by Celent as winner of “Model Bank of the Year 2019” for its outstanding marketplace banking ecosystem, demonstrating its clear open banking / open X business benefits , innovation and implementation excellence built on APIs 


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